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Sam Al-Mouhtadi - Ottawa Home Inspector
Sam Al-Mouhtadi
299 Branthaven St.
Ottawa, ON K4A0H8
tel: 613-725-4330

As a home inspector in the Ottawa region I have been assisting buyers, sellers, and agents in the real estate industry for years. I provide open and honest communication with clients, and my report is unbiased and comprehensive. I understand that my clients trust me to accurately assess the home condition, and a major investment decision may depend on the findings from my home inspection. I value this trust and always uphold it.

Excelling In The Local Home Inspection Industry

The home inspection that I provide not only meets the industry standards but exceeds them. I am named by many as one of the best in the Ottawa region for a professional home inspection, and I have developed close working relationships and trust with real estate professionals in the community. My experience includes new and older homes both, and homes of all sizes, and I am well qualified to inspect any type of residential structure.

Inspection Related Services I Offer

In addition to a thorough home inspection I also provide related services to my clients. These can be scheduled for the same time as a home inspection, or for a different time as an individual service.

Clients can schedule:

  • Mold Testing
  • Air Quality Testing

Each home inspection can take from two to three hours on average but this can vary depending on the home. Once I have finished the inspection I will create a report of the findings, and then print out the report and any color photos. These will be discussed at length with the client, and I am always available to answer any questions even after leaving the site. I educate clients on the operation and maintenance of the home, not just the current condition.

Industry Qualifications And Community Involvement

As a home inspector in the Ottawa region, Sam Al-Mouhtadi is involved, both in the community and in the home inspection industry in the area.

  • Sam is a Certified Pillar To Post Home Inspector.
  • Sam received a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering
  • Sam Al-Mouhtadi belongs to ASHI.
  • Sam is also an AHIT member.
  • He is a member of OHAI as well.

Client Comments And Remarks

Our clients have provided many comments and remarks on my services. Customers tell me that I am very clear on the inspection findings, and that I provide an explanation that is clear and easy to understand. I am always on time for a home inspection, and clients say that they appreciate the extra time I spend going over everything and answering questions. I have a very high customer satisfaction rate with clients, and they say that my dedication to excellence shows in the thoroughness of the home inspections I perform.

Realtors in the community often refer their clients to me, and the real estate agents give me high marks for the education and information I provide to all clients. I am not a deal killer, and I explain the inspection findings in a way that puts these results in the right perspective. I do not cause any undue alarm, but I do provide an honest, accurate, and unbiased report on the current home condition.

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